在线 & 远程学习

在线课程适合像你这样最活跃的生活方式. LRSC 在线 Campus allows you to take courses from almost anywhere. 课程以学期或8周的形式提供. 课程是异步交付的. 学生可以根据自己的时间安排上课. Studente must be present in class, while not adhering to specific meeting times.  If you can dedicate your time and energy, we can help you complete courses and earn a degree 在线.

LRSC的在线课程价格实惠. 学费有竞争力,并且可以获得经济援助. Look for tuition assistance or incentive programs in your place of work too.

The support of faculty and staff at LRSC will make your goals attainable. 如果你付出时间, 雄心壮志, 为成功而努力, LRSC在线可以帮助你实现你的教育目标. 

湖区州立大学 offers programs in the following locations:




  • 信息技术
  • 执法
  • 工商管理
  • 市场营销/管理
  • 儿童早期
  • 健身教练技术员


Mayville, ND




A: Log into LRSC 在线 using your 国防大学 Credentials (CampusConnection). 您可以通过两种方式访问登录页面: 

答:如果您需要登录名或密码方面的帮助,请联系 国防大学帮助台,致电866-457-6387,或 国防大学.helpdesk@国防大学.edu.

A: There are multiple resources available for help using 黑板上 Learn.

A: LRSC使用电子邮件作为主要的沟通方式. 学生必须访问他们的LRSC电子邮件帐户. For your convenience, you may also forward your college email to a personal account.

A: You can set your notification preferences within your LRSC 在线 website. 在“黑板帮助”网站上查找说明.

A: 黑板上 Student Orientation Tutorial will appear on your 黑板上 landing page when you log in at LRSC 在线.

A: 黑板上’s new student app, the 黑板上 App, is available in 苹果, 谷歌, 窗户 现在的应用商店. You can access 黑板上, get grades, participate in discussions on your mobile device. 今天就下载黑板上应用程序!

答:考试是在在线课程系统中进行的. Students should have a wired connection to avoid any issues caused by a drop in connection. Some faculty will have additional requirements for test security and integrity measures.

监考老师 – Instructors who require a proctor for testing will have a form and guidelines posted in their 在线 classes. Students need to complete the form and return it to the instructor by the date indicated. 监考人不能是朋友、学生或亲戚. The guidelines list possible resources for proctoring services which may include public schools, 公共图书馆, 大学考试中心, 公共/社区考试中心, 等.

锁定浏览器 免费下载. Install the lockdown browser on the computer used for testing prior to the first exam. If you are testing at a remote or proctor location that may have download restrictions and firewalls, you should work with them before your first test to be sure they can load the software onto their computer.

湖区州立大学 is the largest and longest-serving dual credit provider in the state of North Dakota. 双学分制,有时也被称为提前入学,是在大二的时候, 初级, or senior enrolls in a college course and in many cases earns high school credit upon successful completion of the college course. This gifted and talented student program helps high school students apply a more rigorous academic schedule while still in high school. 同时, this student can earn credits toward a college degree and towards their high school graduation at a reduced tuition cost while the student is still living at home. More than 750 high school students enroll in 早期 entry opportunities with LRSC every semester.

洛根W. 卡夫


作为湖区州立大学的学生, you are required to make responsible choices when it comes to your academic career. LRSC希望帮助您做出明智的决定. 我们的在线顾问将为您提供指导和建议. With the help of your advisor, you can set realistic goals and map out your future education. Your advisor will be your first stop when needing assistance with academic issues.

Paula Zielske, Sarah Gratton, John Cowger

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Hundreds of students enroll in courses at 湖区州立大学 每年夏天. Summer courses are designed to help students keep on track with their degree progress or complete their degree, 早期.

Students enroll from all over North Dakota and across the United States, 以及其他国家, 每年夏天. Most students need to begin the enrollment process by completing the application for admission. 请参阅LRSC网站了解更多信息. 看到 list of questions frequently asked questions 了解更多信息.

问:我想注册,但不能. 我该怎么办??
A: Students need to start with an application for admission to begin the enrollment process.

问:我是另一所学院或大学的学生. 我可以去上课吗?
是的. The best route for students in the North Dakota University System is a Collaborative enrollment, but you must be enrolled in at least one course or credit at your home institution (the home institution is the college or university from which you are seeking a degree). 如果你没有在你的学校注册, 以非学位学生身份申请入学.

是的, if this is your first course at LRSC you will pay the admission fee. 如果你以前参加过LRSC,费用将被免除.

A:大多数课程6月6日开始. 有些开始得更早. 检查 学期计划 在LRSC网站上查看夏季日期列表.

答:在线学费是收费的,每学时234美元.48 /学分. 教科书和用品可能会有所不同,并且是额外的费用.

Q: I can’t register for English Composition or Math (College Algebra). 我该怎么办??
答:国防大学要求这些课程的分班成绩. 最常见的分数是ACT英语和数学的分数. 其他分数可以代替. 有关考试成绩信息,请参阅LRSC网站. 成绩可以提交给LRSC招生办公室.

Q: Placement information is required for Math and English Composition courses. 详情请参阅LRSC网站. 将此信息提交至:

A: 招生 Office, 湖区州立大学, 北学院路1801号orth, Devils Lake ND 58301
This information is required for enrollment in all math or English Composition courses.

A:通常不会. 课程是“异步的”. That means the instructor and student are not generally in the class at the same time. 在线课程的设计很灵活. Assignments, discussions, quizzes/tests are due on specific days/times during the week or unit. A few courses do utilize a weekly chat session in real-time to discuss topics and answer student questions.

A:大多数教练都需要一本书. 看到 LRSC书店网站 课程教材要求.

Q: How is credit transferred to the college or university when the course is complete?
A:联系注册办公室. 索取正式成绩单. 请参阅LRSC网站了解更多信息.

问:我什么时候可以交学费? 我如何付款??
答:学生可以使用信用卡或借记卡在线支付. 付款也可以提交给LRSC营业处. 看到 LRSC网站 了解更多信息.

联系 学生事务处 at 701-662-1421 for any questions or to enroll in dual credit/早期 entry classes.